Johanna L.


Fast, polite workers who know what they are doing and know the best way of handling every situation. They worked hard to navigate narrow doorways and steep staircases and did it all without damaging anything. My go-to movers from now.


Erik V.


Used movers for the first time since my back ain’t what it used to be. Great to see that good, honest hard work still has takers in this age. Great team of movers and good pricing.


A Different Approach to Long Distance Moving.

At Moving Nation, we’ve built a reputation that now speaks for itself. With over 6 years in business and 3,500 families moved each year, Moving Nation has made it’s brand synonymous with Affordable Dependable Long Distance Moving.

Started by 3 entrepreneurs with 1 vision

Launched by 3 successful entrepreneurs in 2012, who recognized the industry’s flaws first hand. In July of 2011, 3 business partners hired a well-known moving company for their own corporate move. After experiencing a series of sub-par performance issues with their own relocation, they recognized the need for a different approach to the relocation process. Our customers’ need was found, and a vision was born. Combining their resources, knowledge and success in the corporate arena Moving Nation was formed.

“We set in motion what we now know to be the best most simple and effective process for interstate moving. From our first board meeting in 2011 our vision took flight. We have designed a proven moving process that engages our customer in a positive way while keeping our in-house expenses surprisingly low. The Moving Nation infrastructure allows moves to be sold for an average of 30% less than any of the major carriers. We were painstaking in creating a system that provides a better service and a happier customer.”

“We feel Moving Nation has been our most rewarding venture thus far. We’re gratified in the fact that we are part of an exciting and enjoyable moving experiences for thousands of families across America .”